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It is imminent that we are amidst the hi-tech era and the technology intersects us in every sphere of our life. And  coming by the age we have become largely dependent on machine rather then man. Such an atmosphere inspires us to give color to the winged technology that revolves around us. It leaves in us an exquisite wish to go, catch and hold the falling star. Nevertheless, we are wandering for ways where we are damn sure of a concert idea and a dashing destination-engineering- witch virtually moves the world. Time has come to create and customize, calculate and cultivate, and  come out with a rich product witch would suffice the lifetime.

      We have conceived an idea to impart the intrinsic knowledge of engineering with which the products would dare to regenerate the products would dare to regenerate the professional arena. Adhering to the basic structures of an institution i.e discipline and dedication, and safety and sanctity, we have erected the building of hope to accommodate aspiring students in the serene environment. OSE, an engineering institution for diploma course severely promises to make its every activity a feature in itself. Faculties have been selected not only on the basis of education and experience but also of the high morale in them. An intra college coalition has been framed to be the moral guardian of the students and to take care that no outer element interferes the college any way which is a trend in most of the colleges now-a-days. From the inception itself different industries are in touch for proper industrial training. And the well equipped laboratory would allow the students to have a though knowledge.

It will be our consistent effort to liaison with MNCs for smooth placement besides those whitch are inside the state.